used magnatone panoramic amp

1960 Magnatone Panoramic Troubador On Hold

Black, 1x12 combo, two 6V6 power tubes running at about 20 watts, original Oxford 12" Alnico speaker and that crazy pitch shifting vibrato! Two channels, one for your accordion. Replaced handle and power cord. Very cool light... $950

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new magantone super 59 amp head

New Magnatone Super 59 Head

The Magnatone Super 59 is the modern incarnation of the classic Magnatone. Cosmetically striking in its black levant with white satin grill cloth, edged by piping and sleek and luxurious, the Super 59 oozes style and fashion. A pair... $2999

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new magantone 1 x12 speaker cab

New Magnatone 1x12 Cabinet On Hold

Perfect mate to either the Varsity or Varsity reverb via the extension jack. Closed back, faux
croc, leather handle. 1 x 12" Magnatone speaker. $599 On Hold

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new magnatone super 59 combo amp

New Magnatone Super 59 Mark II Combo

Blonde, 45 watts, El-34 powered, world famous pitch shifting vibrato and conventional tremolo, 90 watt 12" speaker, comes with a footswitch. Sounds incredible, come on in and check it out. $2899

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New Magnatone Varsity Amp

New Magnatone Varsity

Black, 1x12 combo, 15 watts, EL-84 powered, cool negative feedback loop switch, hand made in USA. $1999

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