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lefty vintage mandolin bowl back

1890s Stridente Mandolini

1890’s Stridente Bowl Back Mando
Interior label says Fabrica deMandolini via Antonio 22 Napoli. Condizione media Fabrica di Napoli pour mancino. A rather charming 120 year old bowl back mandolin made and strung left handed... $195

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vintage gibson f-4 mandolin

1914 Gibson F-4

Factory original black top with cremoa brown stain back and sides over flamey solid maple. This was Gibsons top of the line as the F5 was not yet developed. It’s said these hand carved Gibsons are from trees cut just after the... $4700

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used 1920s 1930s sam chang soprano uke

1920s Sam Chang Soprano Uke

This koa soprano uke is in remarkably good condition for its age, showing evidence of just a few well-repaired cracks. The coat-of-arms headstock decal reading "Aloha-Hawaii" along with details like bar frets (12), no... $450

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1920s Hawaiian Koa Uke

No name but has Spanish heel (the back of the instrument covers the heel), bar frets (pre-'38), Hawaiian crown headstock and classic Hawaiian royalty decal. Really loud for its size. Back crack repaired, very good grain, newer... $450

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1920s Martin Style O Uke

A great well played pre-war, bar fret era Martin uke. Has Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, ebony nut and saddle. Comes with the original 20’s case that is missing the handle but latches function well. Sounds real good with loud rich... $795

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vintage 1920

1920s Weissenborn Style One

Stamped Henry Stadlmair Co. Sole Eastern Distributor. Natural nicely aged finish. This one had a few old back cracks (repaired and cleated). We then sent this through our shop to have some braces tacked down and now it’s ferociously... $2895

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1923/24 Martin Style 2K Uke

1923 Martin Style 2K

Has exceptional tone but shows play wear. Original but now satin finish. Ebony board, original tuners, has two small pieces of binding missing from having been on a stand. This was used professionally, no cracks but lots of felt... $2500

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vintage 30

1930s Kalamazoo KM-11

Sunburst, with added pickup, one of the better sounding mandolins we have in the store with very woody and open tone. Had a contact pickup on the top that removed some finish? The current pickup sound great. It’s freshly set up, has... $795

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vintage national triolian uke

1931 National Triolian Uke

Stripped of its original sunburst finish then replated nickel. A style O wanna be if you will. The neck was painted black. Might be hiding a heel repair and strap button hole. Tuners are original as are the frets and fretboard.... $2800

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vintage martin 2-20 mandolin

1937 Martin 2-20 Mandolin

Sunburst. Ridiculous flame. This is a rare Martin, with 94 shipped in all years production. The #2 in the "model 2-20" meant it had "F" holes.
It's Martins only instrument made with a hand carved back.... ever.... $3800.00 or save $100 if no credit card fees.

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vintage 40

1940s Martin Style 0 Uke

The perfect item for the guitarist who has everything. This one is super-clean and toneful. No cracks, original tuners. Great finish and cute as a bug's butt in its original faux-tweed case. The perfect gift. $750

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rickenbacker rickenbacher electro ns new style horseshoe willies saint paul minnesota

1940s Rickenbacher Model NS Electro

Short-scale electric steel guitar, has that famous Ricky sound with the horseshoe magnet pickup. The "NS" stands for "New Style". Take a look at the headstock and note that our spelling of the brand name is not a... $799

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vintage 40

1940 Harmony Baritone Uke

The baritone was way more expensive than the other ukes in the Harmony catalog. These ukes offered solid mahogany bodies and necks, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards and bridges, bone nut and bone "thru saddle" bridge saddles.... $299

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vintage rickenbacker model b panda lap steel guitar

1949 Rickenbacker Model B Panda

Bakelite (urea-formaldehyde says Willie) steel guitar. The B stands for Bakelite a super dense plastic that adds a never ending sustain. These were very popular guitar because of tone, easy to read neck and a classic horse shoe... $995

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1950s Airline Rocket Steel

One of the coolest looking and sounding steels out there. Striking rocket ship shape with rocking Valco split humbucking pickup. Kluson tuners with engine exhaust shape buttons. Six strings. Plastic logo cover/hand rest has repaired... $950

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vintage 1951 Gibson TU-1 tenor uke

1951 Gibson TU-1

Walnut, tenor uke. How do we know it’s a ’51? We don’t. It’s all what the previous owner recalls. All mahogany with three layer binding top/back/rosette, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Scalloped braced with a great... $2500

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vintage 1964 airline resoglas resonator guitar

1964 Airline Resoglass

Black, maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Has new logo, states it’s Supro but the holes in cover plate make it Airline. Did you know the M in coverplate stands for Montgomery Wards who owned the name Airline. This one is tidy... $950

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used jb lap steel

1990 JB Jerry Byrd Lap Steel

Fry pan, eight string aluminum lap steel. A nice Rickenbacker copy made in Japan by a high quality maker Fuzzy Pedal Steel Products. Solidly made with a two point adjustable horseshoe pickup. If you look it you will see a new one... $795

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1995 National Style O resonator guitar

1995 National Style O On Hold

Brass body with beautiful etched Hawaiin scene on top and back, round neck, 12 frets to the body, slotted headstock, bound ebony fingerboard with dot inlay, shows some playing wear on top and back, sounds fantastic, loud and... $2250

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Protoype National Steel uke

New National Prototype Steel Uke

Unsold new with warranty card. One of the first made. I was the told the run started with serial number 010 this is 011. Features a hand cut ebony tailpiece has two pearl dots over the body at the fifteenth fret (unlike the... $1795

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used national style 0 with a pickup

2006 National Style 0 with pickup

12 fret with National brand Lace pickup, Nickel plated brass body (3 piece), these brass bodied resonators speak with a strong authoritative voice that really will cut through and be heard. Single piece flame maple neck with ivoroid... $2400

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new martin style 2 uke for sale minnesota minneapolis st. paul twin cities

New Martin Style 2 Uke

Natural, double bound body, mahogany top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with MOP dot inlays, single ring rosette, 1 13/32`" at nut, nickel tuners with white buttons, black tusq nut and saddle, very warm sounding new Martin... $1659

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used national style 1 tricone reso guitar

2013 National Style 1 Tricone

Nickel plate over bell brass body for sustain. Tri-plates for balanced tone with the three cones dissipating any resonant frequencies. Every note then is balanced with out the hot spots found in single cone resonators. These are the... $2250

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used national nrp baritone tricone with pickup

2013 National NRP Baritone Tricone with Highlander

Grey, slotted headstock, 12 frets to the body, ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, three 6" cones, factory Highlander pickup system, near mint condition, sounds amazing! If you haven’t tried a Baritone resonator check this out,... $2299

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new fluke ukes for sale twin cities minneapolis st. paul minnesota

New Fluke Uke

These are really nice sounding little ukes, they have a top made from laminated Australian Hoop Pine, and the back and sides a space age Injection Molded Thermoplastic, the fretboard is Cast Ridged Urethane, the neck and bridge are... $Call For Price

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new national el trovador baritone with hot plate

New National El Trovador Baritone with Hot Plate

Sunburst on mahogany top back and sides, 14 frets to the body, round neck, slotted headstock, single resonator, bound ebony fingerboard with MOP dot inlays, 1 3/4 at nut, with factory Hot Plate pickup, super sounding new National,... $Call For Price.

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new national collegian with a pickup

New National Collegian with pickup

White on steel body, 14 frets to the body, bound ebony fingerboard with mop dot inlays, 1.825" at nut, single 9.5" hand spun resonator, factory slimline pickup, maple biscuit bridge, sounds as great as it looks, comes with a... $Call For Price.

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new blackbird clara uke

New Blackbird Clara Concert Uke

Natural, Ekoa (renewable bio based material with the toughness of carbon fiber) body with sound port, hollow Ekoa neck and head, impervious to the elements, loud balanced tone in a pineapple shaped concert sized uke. Try this eco... $1350

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new national style o replicon resonator guitar

New National Style 0 Replicon 14 Fret

Solid brass body, 14 frets to the body, bound ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, beautiful Hawaiian motif etched on back of the body, single resonator, looks like an old one performs like a new one for the best of both worlds, comes... $Call For Price.

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new Deering Good Time Midnight Special Banjo

New Deering Good Time Midnight Special

A Black & White Stand alone banjo with a modern look, the Midnight Special is the top of the Goodtime line. It has our new patent pending Tone Ring mounted on a violin grade maple 3-ply rim for a sound that is absolutely amazing in... $1099

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new deering good time artisan two banjo

New Deering Good Time Artisan Two

Featuring Midnight Maple Fingerboard and Vintage Artisan inspired inlays! With a bluegrass resonator back for projection, the Artisan Goodtime Two banjo has a 3-ply violin grade maple rim and produces a bright and clear tone that... $859

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new deering good time americana banjo

New Deering Good Time Americana

The Americana™ is the first 5-string banjo from Deering to be fitted with their new Grand 12" rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and a much warmer tone. The fullness and warmth of the larger rim is further... $749

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iseman style 1 koa weissenborn willies saint paul minnesota

New Iseman Style 1 Hawaiian Lap Steel

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Iseman Style 1 is a recreation of the famous koa Hawaiian lap steels made by Hermann Weissenborn in the early part of the 20th Century. Made from fallen (not... $2350

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new Kamaka HF-3 100th Anniversary Uke

New Kamaka HF-3 100th Anniversary Tenor Uke

Natural, beautiful solid koa top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 17" scale length, Schaller tuners with pearloid buttons, handmade by the Hawaiian masters since 1916. Pretty much the industry standard for... $1545

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New Kamaka HF-36L Long Neck Tenor Uke 100th Anniversary

New Kamaka HF-36L 6 String Long Neck Tenor Uke 100th Anniversary

Natural, beautiful sold koa top back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, double first and third strings give these a deeper janglier tone, open back tuners with pearloid buttons, handmade by the Hawaiian masters since... $1645

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new kamaka hf-1ld long neck deluxe uke

New Kamaka HF-1LD Long Neck Deluxe 100th Anniversary

Natural, long neck version of the HF-1, beautiful solid koa top with rope binding, koa back and sides, ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays, long neck provides more room for all those crazy chords you are learning. Same as the HF-1... $2045

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new blackbird farallon tenor uke

New Blackbird Farallon Tenor Uke

Natural, 17" scale, Ekoa (made of natural linen fiber and bioresin), body, micarta fingerboard bridge and saddle, factory Mi-Si rechargeable pickup, very loud and warm tenor tone, try it, comes with a new gig bag. $1492

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new National Resorocket guitar

New National Resorocket with Hotplate

Steel body with cutaway, bound maple neck with rosewood fingerboard with mother of perl inlays, headstock with pearloid overlay, factory Hotplate pickup, 9.5" hand spun resonator, this is the resonator with maximum cutting... $Call For Price.

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new Deering John Hartford 5 String Banjo

New Deering John Hartford 5 String

The unusual inlay was at the request of John Hartford to put a 19th century riverboat theme on the banjo. John Hartford was a licensed riverboat captain. Curly maple with pretty walnut stain, ebony fingerboard, bone nut, planetary... $3969

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