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Effects2011 Keeley Phaser

"Folks, THIS IS NEW IN THE PHASER WORLD! Tap Tempo, Speed Brake, things you want to see in a Chorus! We're on it! This is the first OTA Phaser with 6 stages. You can dial in with your feet or fingers and speed, and then switch between the two Phase Rates by setting the Ramp Control! Jump to the new speed, or take a minute slowly winding up to a Phazer Frenzy! Yup, It's Tap Temp and built by Keeley in the USA. It's a deal! and better yet, it is LUSH and TONEFULL!

Swirl with deep rich phasing or rock out to some cutting, agressive phasing. Speed it up, slow it down with a brake-like function, tap in a phase rate/tempo. Perfection to your own tone with the edge control, now you can be in a unique place...from the first most mellow phasers to the edgiest ones ever thought of." $229

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