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new heavy electronics descend pedal effect

EffectsNew Heavy Electronics Descend

Simple and precise volume reduction with no muddy tone! Put your amp to work and use the Descend as a clean channel in a box. Stunningly useful in live performance. All too often, guitarists find themselves unable to drive their amps into distortion and rely solely on pedals for distortion while limiting the amp as a clean(er) channel. The Descend was made to reverse this catastrophe and inspire single-channel amps to get cranked up where they belong. 6-way rotary switch gives the user a consistent and calculated volume drop. The Filter section also ensures that the volume drop will not diminish treble performance. Filter switch can be disegaged for more traditional volume drop that still leaves hands free for playing. Even the filter itself is fully adjustable via an internal trim-pot. Perfect for any guitarist who believes that some parts should be quieter than others?

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