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new heavy electronics ascend pedal effect

EffectsNew Heavy Electronics Ascend

Heavy Electronics Ascend:
The Heavy Electronics Ascend is a refined one knob clean boost. Discrete analog design allows this exquisite boost to be balanced and true. Wonderfully transparent and clear, yet powerful. Drives reverb tanks beautifully with its strong and concise low end. At the extreme the Ascend boost can even be used to drive tube amplifiers into distortion, allowing the pedal (and your guitar) to speak through the voice of the amp in a new way. Frequencies seem to melt into one another rather than stand apart. The Ascend's tone function switch inserts a simple eq which can be swept via an internal trimpot. Because boosts often end up at the front of the signal chain, the Ascend incorporates a J-FET buffer circuit on the input signal. This guarantees better impedence reaction and long cable performance. After all, the Ascend was made for big stages.

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