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Heavy Electronics

new heavy electronics ascend pedal effect

New Heavy Electronics Ascend

Heavy Electronics Ascend:
The Heavy Electronics Ascend is a refined one knob clean boost. Discrete analog design allows this exquisite boost to be balanced and true. Wonderfully transparent and clear, yet powerful. Drives...

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new heavy electronics descend pedal effect

New Heavy Electronics Descend

Simple and precise volume reduction with no muddy tone! Put your amp to work and use the Descend as a clean channel in a box. Stunningly useful in live performance. All too often, guitarists find themselves unable to drive their...

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new heavy electronics rodeo loop

New Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop

The Heavy Electronics Rodeo Loop is a compact yet durable true-bypass loop. Get all the junk out of your signal. The Rodeo loop can isolate any pedal (or series of pedals) out of your signal chain. You can also use the Rodeo Loop to...

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New Heavy Electronics Radio Havana

Lo-Fi revolution in a box. Radio Havana breaks tonal conformity and pronounces a tone reminiscent of a small transistor radio. Tinny with washed frequencies, and very responsive to pickup choices and string manipulation. The center...

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new heavy electronics hwy 77 pedal effect

New Heavy Electronics Hwy 77

A set it and forget it distortion rock box. The Hwy-77 is designed to simply feed thick and meaty IC distortion into your amp. Simple in function, Level and Gain controls are sensitive and accentuate playing style. No...

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new heavy electronics grind fuzz

New Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz

Finally, a fuzz that maintains note definition. This discrete fuzz/overdrive hybrid creates a massive result that boasts plenty of fuzz and sustain but allows tighter definition of chords and arpeggios. Thundering fuzz drive at full...

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