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new Xotic EP pedal effect

EffectsNew Xotic EP Booster

While many famous players relied on the Echoplex for its delay function, folks quickly realized that the EP-3 provided a very musical preamplifier for their guitar signal. The EP Boost uses a discrete FET design and low impedance output to capture that magical tone in a super compact pedal format. Featuring a simple one knob level control, and true bypass foot-switch, the EP Boost can deliver up to 20dB of gain to your instrument signal, driving the front end of your amplifier in a very rich and musical way. Inside the pedal are two dip switches. Switch one sets the level of gain to +3dB, or to unity gain (0dB) at the lowest level setting. Switch two functions as a bright switch - set to on, the eq is flat, set to off, and there is a degree of treble roll off. Powered via 9V battery, or 9-18VDC adapter. Proudly made in the U.S.A. $116

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