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new Xotic SL Drive pedal effect

EffectsNew Xotic SL Drive

This compact pedal is Xotic's take on the historic Marshall Plexi - The Super Lead Model 1959. This famous 100 watt amplifier, and it's companion, The Super Bass Model 1959, shaped the sound of mid '60s British rock. Built in a small, rugged enclosure, the SL Drive can find space on even the most real estate challenged pedal boards, or fit neatly in a guitar case compartment or gig bag pocket. Operating via 9v battery (long life) or 9-18VDC adapter, the SL Drive features Volume, Tone, and Drive controls on the front panel, and an internal four point dip switch that allows for settings approximating either the Super Lead or Super Bass amplifier that the pedal is based upon, as well as a high/mid cut, and overall 6dB boost. True bypass switching. Proudly made in the U.S.A. $124

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