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new Xotic SL Drive pedal effect

New Xotic SL Drive

This compact pedal is Xotic's take on the historic Marshall Plexi - The Super Lead Model 1959. This famous 100 watt amplifier, and it's companion, The Super Bass Model 1959, shaped the sound of mid '60s British rock. Built in a... $124

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new Xotic EP pedal effect

New Xotic EP Boost

While many famous players relied on the Echoplex for its delay function, folks quickly realized that the EP-3 provided a very musical preamplifier for their guitar signal. The EP Boost uses a discrete FET design and low impedance... $116

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new xotic sp compressor

New Xotic SP Compressor

Built in the same rugged, compact housing as the SL Drive and EP Boost, the SP Compressor features the same operational transconductance amplifier as the venerable Ross Compressor. On the face of the unit, are controls for Volume,... $132

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new xotic rc boost pedal effect

New Xotic RC Booster

The RC Booster is a very clean and transparent boost pedal. It works great in front of overdrive and distortion pedals, or to "push" the front end of a tube amplifier. It is clean enough, and features a 1 M ohm impedance, so... $168

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