1960 Gibson ES-125 Tenor Guitar

1960 Gibson ES-125 Tenor

Sunburst, near mint condition, a beautiful tenor guitar. Set up by Willie as a low G uke tuning. Very rare, comes with sexy faux gator soft shell case. $3500

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vintage 1960 Sunburst Les Paul Guitar for sale

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

One owner since new, ordered from Gibson in 1960 and received 2 weeks later. This guitar known to Willie for last 30 years. It's never been played professionally and most importantly it's never been taken apart. Are the pick-ups...

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vintage 1962 gibson es-330td cherry guitar

1962 Gibson ES-330TDC

Cherry, a rare variant with block inlay and still black plastic covers.This one is all stock except for a fresh refret by our shop. Otherwise stock with a factory Bigsby. Classic wide neck gives plenty of grip, nickel parts, 17... $4500

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vintage gibson melody maker guitar

1962 Gibson Melody Maker

Two Tone Burst on mahogany body, routed for placement of a great sounding Lollar P-90 pickup, sounds great, unbound Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, new bridge and pickguard, the P-90 adds beef to the usual Melody Maker... $950

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vintage 1963 gibson sg special white refin guitar

1963 Gibson SG Special

Polaris White on mahogany body, old refin, Duncan Antiquity P-90 pickups added, nice chunky neck profile, Brazilian rosewood board with dot inlays, no breaks, sounds great, really light and fun to play, comes with the original soft... $2750

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vintage gibson melody maker sixties

1963 Gibson Melody Maker

Sunburst on slim mahogany body, nice big neck and wide nut width, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, dual melody maker pickups, in good shape a few nicks on body and back of neck, all in all a really nice example, light weight vintage... $1300

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vintage 1963 gibson es-335tdc cherry guitar

1964 Gibson ES-335TDC On Hold

Cherry, classic semi-hollow body, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard with block inlays, great sounding patent sticker pickups, factory Bigsby, a great sounding 335, all original except for the holes on back from a removed Gretsch snap on... $15,000

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used gibson sg special 1964 cherry

1964 Gibson SG Special

Cherry on mahogany body, no cracks or breaks, bound Brazilian fretboard with dot inlays, refretted with jumbo frets, two soapbar P-90 pickups with strong output, nickel compensated tailpiece, newer nickel studs, changed double line... $5500

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1964 gibson melody maker guitar

1964 Gibson Melody Maker

Cherry on mahogany body, unbound Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, two melody maker pickups, two volume and two tone controls, original compensated bridge/tailpiece, finish checking on top and back, no breaks, all... $1400

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1967 Gibson ES-330 Cherry with Bigsby vintage guitar

1967 Gibson ES-330

Cherry with Bigsby, a beautiful dark cherry color (no fade) that shows hints of flame. Has nickel covers installed with original chrome covers in original black hard shell case. Original tuners, pickups pickguard and tone. These... $3995

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vintage 1967 Epiphone riviera guitar

1967 Epiphone Riviera

Tea Burst, finish nicely aged, with optional gold hardware and Bigsby. Grover Imperial tuners likely added later, no breaks, great tone via Gibson Mini humbucking pickups, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, original custom made plaque,... $3995

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vintage gibson sg jr. cherry guitar

1968 Gibson SG Jr.

Cherry with original maestro tremolo. One piece Honduran Mahogany body factory original dark cherry with one piece neck. Feather light with unusual fat neck. All stock, no breaks, comes with the original soft shell case. $2500

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vintage 1970 Gibson EB-2D bass guitar

1970 Gibson EB-2D

Sunburst, semi hollow body bass, just in, comes with the original hang tag in the original hard case with cover. $3250

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super clean 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Guitar

1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Black Beauty, remarkably clean. Look at this beauty. It glows. A gorgeous example with the lacquer yellowing the seven layers of binding to match the gold hardware. This one is a one owner guitar that was only driven on Sundays... $6500

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1980 Gibson ES-335 Artist

1980 Gibson ES-335 Artist

Sunburst, semihollow without F holes, ebony fretboard with offset dot markers, brass nut, TP-6 tailpiece,gold hardware, active electronics, dual humbuckers, switches for bright on/off, compression/expansion and active on/off (not... $2695

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1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar

1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Tobacco Sunburst, a rather rare option. We love this era for the places the factory took the time to burst the back, back of the headstock, sides and sides of headstock and even top of headstock. A great indicator of hand work. This... $3200

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vintge 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom tobacco Burst

1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom On Hold

Tobacco Sunburst, did you know that Tobacco Sunburst was not a standard color this year? It was optional. This guitar has a flamey body, flip out crank tuners (still made in Germany by Schaller). All original with nice dish top, big... $3950

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used gibson custom shop es-355 cherry

1997 Gibson Historic '59 ES-355

Cherry, mint as in unplayed. Bought new and put under the bed 20 years ago. Now she seeks a new owner. Very flamed, every inch of it. Multi bound, gold hardware that’s in new condition and that classic varitone switch used by BB... $5299

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used gibson es-335 dot reissue

1998 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue

Cherry, super flamed maple throughout, bound rosewood board with dot inlays, nickel hardware nicely aging, 60’s neck taper for maximum playability and vintage feel, in good shape with a few nicks on back, a very fine example, comes... $2650

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used gibson les paul classic guitar

2001 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic

Cherry Sunburst, plain maple top with hints of quilting, lightweight, bound rosewood board with aged trapezoid inlays, ’60 slim taper neck profile, dual exposed coil humbuckers, looks real good, some playing swirls on the back along... $1699

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`used gibson sg standard black gold hardware

2001 Gibson SG Standard On Hold

Black, lots of playing wear and distressing, bound rosewood fretboard, added gold hardware and pickups, Saxony coat of arms on top, no breaks, nice light, a great player, ready for more rock and roll service time, dying to get back... $950

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used 2003 Gibson Les Paul Custom Cherry Red HIstoric custom shop

2003 Gibson Custom '57 Les Paul Custom

Cherry Red, as many of you know Les Paul Customs in the fifties were many times all mahogany. So in this way this guitar is vintage accurate. This finish was never done in the fifties nor were bigger frets but this guitar is great.... $3750

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2006 Gibson SG Standard For Sale

2006 Gibson SG Standard

Cherry on mahogany body, bound rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays, dual ’57 Classic Humbuckers, very light and fun to play, no breaks, sounds good. comes with the original hard case. $1295

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used gibson custom es-339 guitar

2011 Gibson Custom ES-339

Vintage sunburst, semi-hollow body, laminate maple body, bound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, slim taper 30/60 neck has the slim, wide feel of an early ’60s Gibson, with an extra .030-inches of depth, dual ’57 Classic... $2500

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used gibson les paul studio deluxe guitar

2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe

Cherry, super flamed maple top on mahogany body, unbound rosewood fretboard, dual exposed coil Burstbucker pickups, push/pull tone pots for coil splitting and boost switch, a few scratches on back, all original and light at 8.5... $1250

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used gibson les paul Axcess floyd rose guitar

2014 Gibson Custom Les Paul Axcess Standard

Ice Tea Sunburst on carved flame maple top, on weight relieved mahogany back with contoured back and heel, bound rosewood fretboard with crown inlays, 496R and 498T humbuckers, two volume and two tone controls, pull treble tone... $3250

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used 2014 Gibson SG Standard guitar

2014 Gibson SG Standard

Black on mahogany body, added Bigsby and roller bridge, refret with jumbo frets, no breaks, 120th Anniversary inlay at 12th fret, shows light playing wear on top and back, upgrades add up to a very playable and excellent sounding... $1250

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used gibson les paul traditional guitar

2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Cherry Sunburst, exceedingly flamed maple top that also has the traditional annual rings for a great look. ’60’s neck profile, big neck for a great feel. Upgraded Duncan pickups and hardware with originals in the case. A nice light... $1950

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used gibson midtown custom guitar

2015 Gibson Midtown Standard

Black, maple top, chambered mahogany semi hollow body, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two Burstbucker pickups, chrome hardware, excellent condition with light playing wear, comes with the original hard case. $999

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used gibson es-335 premiere guitar

2016 Gibson ES-335 Premiere On Hold

Just in on trade, pretty much mint condition, with the original hard case. $3550 On Hold

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