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vintage gibson k-1 mandocello

1914 Gibson K-1 Mandocello

At the turn of the last century, predating the popularization of commercial radio broadcasts and the universal agreement on 78 rpm as the playback standard for gramophones, mandolin orchestras were peppered across the country to... $3750

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vintage gibson f-4 mandolin

1914 Gibson F-4

Factory original black top with cremoa brown stain back and sides over flamey solid maple. This was Gibsons top of the line as the F5 was not yet developed. It’s said these hand carved Gibsons are from trees cut just after the... $5500

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vintage Gibson mastertone banjo

1927 Gibson Mastertone Style 3 Plectrum Banjo

1927-28 Gibson Mastertone Style 3 Plectrum Banjo
This Gibson PB-3 is a remarkable instrument. Featuring a hoop and plate flange and Grover 2 tab tuners. Like many banjos from the first part of the last century, this instrument... $3699

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vintage 1928 gibson a4 mandolin

1928 Gibson A-4

A rare find in this condition. The 4 level came with fancier trim. Fleur de Lis inlay on headstock, pearl inlaid script logo, fingerboard extension plus higher grade wood and thinner scalloped braces. These 4 level mandos are... $4800

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vintage gibson tenor guitar

1930s Gibson TG-50

Sunburst, 23" scale, carved spruce top, maple back and sides, 14.5" wide, flat back, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, repaired top crack, some overspray on back, original tailpiece and ebony bridge, beautiful tone,... $2500

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vintage kalamazoo km 11 with pickup

1930s Kalamazoo KM-11

Sunburst, with added pickup, one of the better sounding mandolins we have in the store with very woody and open tone. Had a contact pickup on the top that removed some finish? The current pickup sound great. It’s freshly set up, has... $795

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1930s Gibson Carson Robison

Sunburst with nice red spruce top, mahogany back and sides, single bound top, triple bound soundhole, 14 frets clear, Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge, flame pickguard, big V neck with classic prewar tapered headstock. Many... $1650

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1938 Gibson L-C Century of Progress guitar

1938 Gibson L-C Century of Progress

Deluxe L-00 model size guitar. A very fancy high-end model made with the futuristic decorative material plastic, simulated to be pearl. Bound headstock with rosewood inlays dates it. Single bound body made of flamed quarter sawn... $4900

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used vintage 1935 gibson gs-85 acoustic guitar

1938 Gibson GS-85

Natural, rare model, only 27 made, nylon string, slotted headstock spruce top, multi bound top and bound back, mahogany back and sides, repaired top crack, ebony fingerboard sans inlays, pearl ribbon inlays on bridge and behind... $2995

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1940 Gibson L-0 acoustic vintage guitar

1940 Gibson L-0

Sunburst, great sounding pre-war Gibson flat top, with: spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, plenty of playing wear, recent neck reset so set up and ready to play, Firestripe guard, repaired back and... $4850

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1941 Gibson J-35 acoustic guitar

1941 Gibson J-35

Natural, refin body and neck, refretted, lots of work done on this one but now plays and sounds amazing. A real bargain, comes with a non original hard case. Consigned at $7250

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vintage 1948 gibson j-45 acoustic guitar

1948 Gibson J-45 On Hold

Sunburst, Nice Adirondack top, Honduran mahogany back and sides (bookmatched). Just post script era with very tapered headstock, was shipped to us with loose braces, now all tight and ready to play, great action. Consigned. $6500 On Hold

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vintage 1954 gibson j-50 acoustic guitarvintage 1954 gibson j-50 acoustic guitar

1954 Gibson J-50

Natural, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 1 ¾" at nut, just out of our shop with a repaired seam crack, reglued bridge and braces. As a result it sounds amazing... $6500

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1960s Gibson RB 250

(dates by factory order number on pot) Modified to be more like an Earl Scruggs. Refinished in natural. 40 hole archtop tone ring, hope and plate flange. Nice tuners. 2 Keith tuners, 2 5 Stars. New head. Dual coordinator rods,... $1895

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vintage 1961 gibson j-45 acoustic guitar with j-16e pickup

1961 Gibson J-45 with pickup

Sunburst, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, factory added period correct J-160 pickup along with volume and tone knobs, refret, new bridge and saddle, some repaired and open... $3550

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vintage 1961 gibson j-45 sunburst acoustic guitar

1961 Gibson J-45

A cool cherry-burst J-45 with a comfy neck profile and a nice percussive voice. Solid sitka top, mahogany back and sides, adjustable bridge. Healthy neck angle and bridge plate. In overall excellent condition...except some ugly... $3650

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1962 Gibson J-50 vintage acoustic guitar flat top

1962 Gibson J-50

Natural (of course), traded by Dan Murphy formerly of Soul Asylum and used on the "Candy From a Stranger" record where producer Chris Kimsey put pick scratches on the top by using a quarter to record a sound he was after.... $4100

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vintage 1964 epiphone texan paul mccartney guitaråç

1964 Epiphone Texan On Hold

Theee one! Many times vintage guitar become icons if important artists play them. Sir Paul McCartney is known for one six string guitar. The ’64 Epiphone Texan in natural. You will find ’65’s for sale or 1966. But you’ll look long... $6500

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vintage gibson c6 classcial nylon string guitar

1966 Gibson C6

Brazilian rosewood classical guitar, Richard Peck model. Richard Peck was an author of classical guitar method books. Born here in St. Paul in 1915 and was on the first classical guitarists to play with an orchestra. These were... $1550

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Vintage 1967 Gibson Dove acoustic guitar

1967 Gibson Dove

Cherry Sunburst, very flamey maple body with tightly grained Sitka spruce top. Shows heavy weather checking on top but lightly checked on back, very light on neck. Repaired headstock crack, (neck not off just repaired. Hs original... $3250

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vintage 1968 gibson hummingbird acoustic guitar

1968 Gibson Hummingbird

Cherry Sunburst, nice late sixties Gibson flat top, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, bound rosewood fingerboard with double parallelogram inlays, classic Hummingbird pickguard, slim taper neck profile, has a repaired top crack... $3250

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Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper Alert! One of the coolest cheap vintage guitars in the store, no, in the Midwest. Classic ‘69 features no "Made in the U.S.A. " or volute . Not a skinny neck but a nice rounded 3 piece mahogany neck. A deluxe model with 5 layers binding on back. 7 layers on top. Bound Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with Brazilian grown bridge. Nickel Klusons. Tucked braces (that

1969 Gibson Southern Jumbo

Sleeper Sleeper Sleeper Alert! One of the coolest cheap vintage guitars in the store, no, in the Midwest. Classic ‘69 features no "Made in the U.S.A. " or volute . Not a skinny neck but a nice rounded 3 piece mahogany neck.... $3500

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1996 Sheryl Crow stage used gibson southern jumbo acoustic guitar

1996 Gibson Southern Jumbo

Sunburst, banner headstock. Formerly owned by Sheryl Crow, used extensively on tour in 1998 and 1999. Broken headstock was repaired for Sheryl by Gibson and looks immaculate. Comes with a setlist, t-shirt from era tour, and a letter... $5900

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