new fulltone pedal effects minneapolis st. paul minnesota

New Fulltone '70

Germanium fuzz with deliberately mismatched transistors, somewhat crazier than the '69, midrange control, great paired with vintage Marshalls, very well built as is typical for Fulltone, true bypass switching, made in USA, 5-year... $127.20

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new fulltone pedal effects ocd minneapolis st. paul minnesota

New Fulltone OCD

Overdrive/distortion pedal, moderately gainy, useful and versatile for many performance situations, but its real ace in the hole is its remarkable "ampiness". If I was stuck with a cheap, bad-sounding solid state practice... $127.20

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new fulltone robin trower overdrive

New Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive

Developed by Fulltone for the great Robin Trower, exceptionally touch-sensitive, cleans up beautifully when your guitar volume is turned down, works equally well with Fender or Marshall-type circuits. High quality, true-bypass... $194.65

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new fulltone aby ht and st

New Fulltone True Path ABY

Top-quality JFET-buffered A/B/Y box, custom-wound 1:1 transformer to not boost treble, proprietary optocouplers, switches for ground lift and phase, durable, stage-ready enclosure. Made in USA, 5-year warranty, available in both HT... $191.25

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new fulltone fulldrive 2 pedal effect for sale minneapolis st. paul

New Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet

One of our best-selling pedals due to its great sound, incredible versatility, and high build quality. It does everything from clean boost to light overdrive to full-on crunch, with user-friendly tone-shaping options. True bypass... $127.20

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new fulltone

New Fulltone '69

Definitely a shortlist best Germanium fuzz pedal, hand-selected transistors, contour control for midrange, cleans up nicely with reduction of guitar input volume, true-bypass switching, exceptional build quality, made in USA! 5-year... $151.20

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new fulltone secret freq

New Fulltone Secret Freq

Overdrive/distortion with a unique frequency knob, offering 20db of narrow-band midrange right where you need it. Otherwise a very versatile pedal going from clean boost to full-on distortion. Great build quality, true-bypass... $143.20

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