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used Dr. Z Monza amp head

2010s Dr. Z Monza Head

Cool little 20 watt (2 x EL84) head with master volume. Kinda sits between everyone's favorite 15 & 18 watt British amps tonally, with a little more crunch at lower volumes. A lot of sweet spots in this amp - and not all are dirty.... $1099

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used dr. z mini z amp

2010s Dr. Z Mini Z

Great 5 watt EL84 amp with Volume and built in attenuator. Can run at just under 1 watt! Black tolex, and 10" Red Fang speaker. Light, compact, and robustly built - amazingly practical, while still having an appreciable fun... $699

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new dr. z. wreck silver set

New Dr. Z Z Wreck Silver Set

Extremely touch sensitive, the Z-wreck can go from a jangle to a roar. 30 watts via four 7189 (EL84) tubes. Don't let the simple controls fool you into thinking this is a "one trick pony". There are many timbres behind that... $3699

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new Dr. Z Remedy head with 1x12 cab

New Dr. Z Remedy Head

Black tolex with salt-and-pepper grille cloth, 40 watts, 4x6V6, master volume, half-power switch, EQ bypass with footswitch, handwired in Ohio. Incredible plexi-ish tones but at a far more reasonable volume if you need, fully... $1878 Head, $579 Cab

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used Dr. Z amp

2014 Dr. Z Z 28

22 watts via 2 6V6s. Simple controls - volume, bass, treble. Mates well with pedals, and has incredible chime thanks to the EF86 front end. In black tolex. Living room condition...hardly a scuff. $1349

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new Dr. Z Z Lux amp for sale

New Dr. Z Z Lux

1x12" combo, 40/20 watts from 4 6V6s switchable down to 2, MAZ front end with master volume, reverb and tremolo, 1 Eminence Z-12 12" loudspeaker designed to Dr. Z's specifications, handwired in Ohio, another in a long line... $2555

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new dr. z m12 amplifier amp minnesota st. paul minneapolis

New Dr. Z M12

Black tolex, 1x12 combo, 12 watts class A from a pair of EL84s, 5Y3 rectifier, one Celestion Blue 25-watt loudspeaker. So other than its excellent build quality, portability,and good looks is the very flexible preamp, which features... $2057

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