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used dr. z prescription combo amp

2010s Dr. Z Precription

Great shape. Simple, effective, and loud enough to compete with a full band (and enthusiastic drummer). 30 watts. 2 x 12" Celestion G12T. Volume, treble, mid, and bass. Nice pedal platform. $1299

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used dr. z m12 amplifier

2010s Dr. Z M12

Great small stage and studio amp with a British flavor. EF86 preamp. 12 watts via 2 x EL84. Greenback. Black Tolex. Brake Lite. $1798

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new dr. z. wreck silver set

New Dr. Z Z Wreck Silver Set

Extremely touch sensitive, the Z-wreck can go from a jangle to a roar. 30 watts via four 7189 (EL84) tubes. Don't let the simple controls fool you into thinking this is a "one trick pony". There are many timbres behind that... $3699

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new Dr. Z Monza amp with Celestion Gold speaker

New Dr. Z Monza Combo with Celestion Gold

Featuring 20 watts via 2 EL84s, the Monza keeps things simple: Volume, Drive, Tone, and Master (post-phase inverter). The Volume controls the range of clean to dirt, while drive gives an extra dimension and bloom to the notes. This... $1978

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new dr. z maz 18 jr. with brakelite amp

New Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr.

18 watts via 2 EL84s. Our most popular Dr. Z amp with reverb! This particular amp features a cabinet mounted Brake-Lite attenuator, 12" Celestion Green Back, reverb, and the slightly more compact studio cabinet. Humbucker,... $2188

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new Dr. Z Remedy head with 1x12 cab

New Dr. Z Remedy Head

Black tolex with salt-and-pepper grille cloth, 40 watts, 4x6V6, master volume, half-power switch, EQ bypass with footswitch, handwired in Ohio. Incredible plexi-ish tones but at a far more reasonable volume if you need, fully... $1878 Head, $579 Cab

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