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new Dr. Z Remedy head with 1x12 cab

New Dr. Z Remedy Head

Black tolex with salt-and-pepper grille cloth, 40 watts, 4x6V6, master volume, half-power switch, EQ bypass with footswitch, handwired in Ohio. Incredible plexi-ish tones but at a far more reasonable volume if you need, fully... $1878 Head, $579 Cab

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new Dr. Z Z Lux amp for sale

New Dr. Z Z Lux

1x12" combo, 40/20 watts from 4 6V6s switchable down to 2, MAZ front end with master volume, reverb and tremolo, Brake Lite attenuator, 1 Eminence Z-12 12" loudspeaker designed to Dr. Z's specifications, handwired in Ohio,... $2,618

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new dr. z m12 amplifier amp minnesota st. paul minneapolis

New Dr. Z M12

Black tolex, 1x12 combo, 12 watts class A from a pair of EL84s, 5Y3 rectifier, one Celestion Blue 25-watt loudspeaker. So other than its excellent build quality, portability,and good looks is the very flexible preamp, which features... $2057

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drz dr.z monza marshall el84 tube amp awesome minnesota minneapolis st.paul dealer

New Dr. Z Monza

20-watt combo, 2xEL84 in cathode bias, 5AR4 rectifier, 1 12" Celestion 25-watt "Greenback" loudspeaker, incredibly flexible and convincing post-phase inverter master volume with volume, drive, and master controls, 1 tone... $1749

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dr z z-wreck combo trainwreck paisley cathode biased celestion gold

New Dr. Z Z-Wreck

Now in combo form, 30 watts, cathode-bias, 4 EL84s, volume, treble, bass, and cut controls, "Speed/Comfort" voltage tap switch, 8-ohm Celestion Gold 12" loudspeaker, Brake-Lite attenuator, handwired in Ohio. Begun as a... $3219

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dr. z z-drive earthquaker devices germanium mosfet willie

New Dr. Z Z-Drive

Dual-channel overdrive pedal designed in collaboration with Earthquaker Devices, one channel being germanium and the other mosfet, giving this unit an unusually wide range of usable tones. Global 3-band EQ, OPA 2134 op-amps,... $275

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dr z maz 38 senior handwired brake lite willies saint paul minnesota

New Dr. Z MAZ 38 Senior

38 watts from 4 EL84s in cathode bias, three-band EQ, 5AR4 rectifier, 12" Celestion 65 speaker, footswitchable EQ bypass that amounts to a great solo boost, handwired in Ohio, incredibly rich and responsive, suitable for all... $2499

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New Dr. Z Carmen Ghia combo

Just in from Dr. Z, a brand new Carmen Ghia 1x12" combo. 18 watts from two EL84s, just volume and tone controls, simple and intuitive, sounds fantastic. A little bit Marshall, a little Vox, all Dr. Z. Beautifully made in Ohio,... $1489

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