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EffectsNew Demeter Fuzzulator

The Fuzzulator is the first fuzz box to use our innovative Tone Pre-Emphasis Circuit.

This essentially works as an EQ stage to control and enhance certain frequencies, giving the distorted sound focus. The result is that even with massive distortion your instrument will not be lost in the sonic mud. The Fuzzulator also features an exclusive tight/loose switch which switches between overdrive circuits. The tight circuit uses LEDs as the distortion generator, whereas the loose circuit uses a special combination of silicone and germanium diodes. As with all Demeter products, these units are hand built in the U.S.A. using the finest components available to insure many years of trouble free use. This unit is True Bypass using an ALCO heavy duty Footswitch.

There are three controls on the unit: fuzz, tone and volume, a mode switch to switch between tight or loose, plus a foot switch to bypass the effect, and an LED to indicate effect operation. On the side there is a trim pot to set the overall gain of the unit.

Fuzz: Increases the gain of the distortion circuit, which clips and sustains the signal.

Tone: A high cut filter which you can use to make your sound warmer and fatter.

Volume: Sets the overall output of the unit. Use this for level matching between the effected and unaffected signal.

Tight/loose switch: Switches between light emitting diodes and germanium diodes for the distortion generating devices. LEDs have a tight sound and are a bit louder. Germanium diodes have a looser more classic fuzz sound with less output volume.

Trim pot: Sets the gain of the Fuzzulator's output amplifier. It is useful to turn it up if you are using the germanium diodes (loose) as your primary distortion setting. Or you can turn it down if the unit is too hot for your system. $220

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