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new Bogner 412-ST guitar cabinet

New Bogner 412-ST

Perhaps Bogner's best sounding cab. Very efficient output, with a tight controlled bass. Four Celestion V30 speakers, wired at 16 ohms. The real deal. Loud. Articulate. $1149

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bogner goldfinger phi creamback willies saint paul minnesota

New Bogner Goldfinger 54 PHI

1x12" combo, 9 to 66 watts depending on how the pairs of 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes are selected, Celestion Creamback 65-watt speaker, spring reverb, vintage-style BAX EQ, 4-button footswitch with multiple boosts, EQ contour... $2519

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New Bogner Helios 50

Brand new Bogner Helios 50 watt head in stock now. Handmade in California, Bogner's take on the iconic Marshall Plexi.

* plexi and hot inputs
* ch1: volume control, 3... $2849

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