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used bogner uberschall amp

1990 Bogner Uberschall

120 watts, 4xEL34, two channels with footswitch, outrageous amounts of gain in the second channel, very flexible tone stack, master volumes, effects loop, with upgrade metal grill. Incredible bass response, stays tight and distinct... $1999

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used bogner 4x12 cab

2010s Bogner Uberschall 4x12 Cab

4 x 12". Two Celestion Vintage 30 and two Celestion Seventy speakers in an "X" pattern. 8 ohms. Made in the USA. $799

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New Bogner Brixton

Small-format all-tube guitar head, 2 x 6V6 in class AB, 12 watts, simple volume and gain controls, "deep" switch, high/low power switch, three-position voice control, high gain, versatile but user-friendly, covered in... $1375 list

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new bogner mephisto amp for sale

New Bogner Mephisto

Basically two Class A amps in one solid pine cabinet driving a Celestion G12H30, one of them with a pair of 6V6s and the other with a pair of EL84s. These two amps, one American in character, the other British, can be run separately... List $3499, our price $3199.

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new bogner duende combo amp minnesota minneapolis st. paul

New Bogner Duende combo

Combo amplifier, 24/12 watts from 2 6V6s, two channels that can be switched or run simultaneously, fantastic reverb and tremolo, Baltic birch ply cabinet, 2x10"  Celestion Greenback loudspeakers. Made in USA, limited... $2789

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new Bogner Panama amp

New Bogner Panama

Good things come in small packages. Flexible amp with minimalist controls, running at either 2 or 4 watts via a pair of 6V6s into a 30w Celestion G12H Vintage Series speaker . Four position "schizo" control gives you options... $1529

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new Bogner 412-ST guitar cabinet

New Bogner 412-ST

Perhaps Bogner's best sounding cab. Very efficient output, with a tight controlled bass. Four Celestion V30 speakers, wired at 16 ohms. The real deal. Loud. Articulate. $1149

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new bogner 112-ol speaker cab for sale

New Bogner 112-OL

Great open-back 1x12" cabinet in Bogner Black Paisley tolex. Low profile size - same dimensions as Panama or Palermo combos. Stocked with a Celestion G12H30 speaker at 8 ohms. $599

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new bogner 112-ot speaker cab for sale

New Bogner 112-OT

Open back cabinet, with a Celestion G12H30 speaker (8 ohms). Black Paisley tolex. $599

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new bogner 210/12 O speaker cabinet

New Bogner 210/12 O

Best of both worlds...a pair of Eminence 10" speakers, and a pair of Celestion G12H30 12" speakers wired at 8 ohms. Sounds great - plenty of bottom, with clarity and intelligibility, even with high gain sources. $1000

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new bogner 412 open back speaker cab

New Bogner 412 O

Fantastic sounding, open back cab from the folks at Bogner. A little less stiff than their closed back cabinets, and a little bit smaller, this cab still retains plenty of bass response. Features two Celestion V30 speakers, and two... $1119

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new Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary Combo

New Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary Combo

Super cool, KT88, roughly 90 watts. Two channels, each with boost. Reverb. Just a great amp, with great tone. Unlike the tone stack bypass boost of the regular Shiva, the Anniversary features an actual secondary gain stage. The... $3439

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new Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary amp head

New Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary Head

Bogner's flagship amp with a 20th Anniversary make-over. Everything you love about a Shiva...two channels, reverb, lotsa gain,boost...with more voicing options and a true secondary gain stage boost. Dressed in Black Paisley... $3159

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new bogner 2x12 cabinet

New Bogner 2x12 V30 Cab

Bogner 2x12 Cabinet - V30m, horizontal orientation.
List $939

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