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used bogner 4x12 cab

2010s Bogner Uberschall 4x12 Cab

4 x 12". Two Celestion Vintage 30 and two Celestion Seventy speakers in an "X" pattern. 8 ohms. Made in the USA. $799

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new bogner mephisto amp for sale

New Bogner Mephisto

Basically two Class A amps in one solid pine cabinet driving a Celestion G12H30, one of them with a pair of 6V6s and the other with a pair of EL84s. These two amps, one American in character, the other British, can be run separately... List $3499, our price $3199.

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new bogner duende combo amp minnesota minneapolis st. paul

New Bogner Duende combo

Combo amplifier, 24/12 watts from 2 6V6s, two channels that can be switched or run simultaneously, fantastic reverb and tremolo, Baltic birch ply cabinet, 2x10"  Celestion Greenback loudspeakers. Made in USA, limited... $2789

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new Bogner Panama amp

New Bogner Panama

Good things come in small packages. Flexible amp with minimalist controls, running at either 2 or 4 watts via a pair of 6V6s into a 30w Celestion G12H Vintage Series speaker . Four position "schizo" control gives you options... $1529

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new Bogner 412-ST guitar cabinet

New Bogner 412-ST

Perhaps Bogner's best sounding cab. Very efficient output, with a tight controlled bass. Four Celestion V30 speakers, wired at 16 ohms. The real deal. Loud. Articulate. $1149

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new bogner 412 open back speaker cab

New Bogner 412 O

Fantastic sounding, open back cab from the folks at Bogner. A little less stiff than their closed back cabinets, and a little bit smaller, this cab still retains plenty of bass response. Features two Celestion V30 speakers, and two... $1119

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