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used bergantino ae 410

2010s Bergantino AE 410

The precursor to the CN series, the AE cabinets feature lightweight and efficient neodymium speakers. 4 x 10". 4 ohms. 750 watts. $850

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used bergantino ht 112 cab

2010s Bergantino HT 112

Bergantino cabinet featuring 1 x 12" and a horn. 300 watts. 8 ohms. 39 lbs. $450

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used bergantino nv 610

2010s Bergantino NV 610

Bergantino's most traditionally voiced cabinet in 6 x 10" "mini-fridge" configuration. 100 lbs. 750 watts. 4 ohms. Yes it's big...but it rocks. $799

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New Bergantino HD410

Just announced by Jim Bergantino, the HD410 is the newest evolution of the now discontinued HS410 cabinet. Built as always to Bergantino's exacting quality standards, now covered in black tolex with metal corners, looking and... $1229

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new bergantino bass cabinets for sale

New Bergantino CN 212

Lightweight bass 2x12" cabinet, cast frame speakers with neodymium magnets, 700w, 4 ohms, high-intelligibility tweeter, 46 pounds. Yes, 46 pounds, and it sacrifices nothing tonally. Maybe because Jim Bergantino isn't an... $1239

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New Bergantino CN 112

New Bergantino CN 112

Jim Bergantino makes some fantastic sounding, lightweight, highly efficient, and enclosures designed for bass guitar. One 12" cast-frame, neodymium woofer. High intelligibility tweeter. Phase-coherent crossover with tweeter... $799

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new bergantino nv 115 bass cabinet speakr

New Bergantino NV 115

400w. 8ohm. 15" driver. With 6" mid speaker. A great traditionally voiced cabinet...we love these! $899

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new bergantino hd 112

New Bergantino HD 112

Bergantino's more modern voiced, 1 x 12" cabinet. 8 ohms. 350 watts. 44 lbs. $695

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new bergantino cn 210

New Bergantino CN 210

Bergantino's ultralight cabinet series featuring neodymium speakers. 2 x 10". 8 ohms. 33 lbs. 400 watts. $999

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