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vintage danelectro spiegel bass 6 guitar

1959 Danelctro Spiegel Bass 6

Copper, six string bass made for Spiegel catalog company, very cool, all original two pickup with concentric volume and tone knobs for each pickup, very light, durable and highly useful in the studio, super rare, comes with the... $3350

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vintage burns jazz bass guitar

1960s Baldwin Burns Jazz Bass

Sunburst, bound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, three trisonic pickups, single volume and tone knobs, knob for wild dog, treble, bass or contra bass settings, classic scroll headstock, lotsa finish checking but sounds and plays... $799

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vintage eko made vox bass guitar for sale

1960s Vox V250 Bass

Fantastic EKO (Italy) made Vox V250 bass. A homage to a certain German made violin bass popularized by a particular British pop band. Two single coil pickups, two volume controls, and one tone control. Typical European zero fret.... $895

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vintage 1963 fender precision bass guitar

1963 Fender Precision Bass

Just in...more soon. Comes with a non original hard case. Consigned at $7000

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vintage 1964 fender jazz bass lake placid blue

1964 Fender Jazz Bass

Just in...more soon. $Call For Price.

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vintage 1966 fender precision bass olympic white

1966 Fender Precision Bass

Olympic White on alder body, all original custom color and fantastic playing and sounding P-bass, rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays, neck dates Dec. ’65 and is the wider C nut width, pots date 17th week of ’66, original... $7500

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vintage 1967 fender jazz bass black

1967 Fender Jazz Bass On Hold

Original custom color, black with matching headstock. Beautiful, really because it has been played. Sounds like it, too. As some of you may know, factory black headstocks rarely have the model name, with the decal simply saying... $7950

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1969 Gibson EB-3

Cherry on mahogany body, headstock repair, large classic Gibson pickup for that stand up bass sound and a mini humbucker for added bite. The combination will have you feeling like the late great Jack Bruce of Cream. This one gets it... $995

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vintage 1973 guild js bass ii

1973 Guild JS Bass II

Black on mahogany body, 30.5" scale, unbound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, two great sounding humbucking pickups, two volume and two tone controls, sound good honest playing wear but no abuse or breaks, super cool vintage... $1750

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1973 fender jazz bass guitar

1973 Fender Jazz Bass

Sunburst, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, two very punchy sounding jazz bass pickups, in great shape, the finish still shines, somewhat chunky neck, reasonable weight at 9.0 pounds, sounds great, comes with the original... $3995

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vintage 1973 fender precision bass guitar

1973 Fender Precision Bass

Natural on ash body, maple neck and board with dot inlays, changed guard, nice weight at 9.5 pounds, great sounding original pickup, some nicks and scratches but no abuse, excellent condition overall, comes with original hard... $1895

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vintage 1973 fender jazz bass sunburst

1973 Fender Jazz Bass

Sunburst on alder body, four-bolt maple neck, bound maple fingerboard with black block inlays, three ply black pickguard, very clean, original pickups rewound by Lindy Fralin, decent weight, comes with covers and original black... $3199

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1974 Gibson The Ripper

Natural on maple body, unbound maple fretboard with dot inlays, two humbucking pickups, controls for volume, midrange and treble roll off, four way rotary switch, a few good sized nicks on the top, wear through the finish on back,... $1150

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1975 fender jazz bass guitar

1975 Fender Jazz Bass

Natural on ash body, maple neck and fretboard with block inlays, bit of flame in the neck, nice weight at just under 9 pounds, these are what make the world move, comes with a newer Fender hard case. $2999

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1977 music man stingray bass guitar pre ernie ball

1977 Musicman Stingray

Sunburst, maple neck and fretboard with dot inlays, a pretty great pre Ernie Ball, Leo Fender era Musicman bass, three bolt neck, Boo serial number, neck dates Aug ’77, body Sept. ’77, missing the pickguard and changed volume pot,... $2800

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vintage 1978 fender p bass antigua finish

1978 Fender Precision Bass

Antigua on alder body, very hard to find original awesome Antigua finish, rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays, in excellent condition, some wear through the finish, nicks and scratches too, but no abuse. A very resonant... $2850

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1978 fender jazz bass olympic white rosewood board

1978 Fender Jazz Bass

Olympic White, bound rosewood fretboard with block inlays, refret with larger frets, on the heavy side at 12 pounds, original pickups and electronics, in great shape with light to average playing wear, if you like a hefty bass this... $2700

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RD moog compander maple

1978 Gibson RD Artist Bass

Natural finish, solid maple body, neck, and fingerboard, Firebird-esque shape but undeniably late '70s in style, two pickups, fully functional original Moog compander preamp, great condition, all straight, looks, sounds, and plays... $1,599

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used G&L LB-100 bass guitar

1990s G&L LB-100

Sunburst, unbound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, single Alnico V split coil pickup, pearloid guard, single volume and tone control, super clean barely a scratch, comes with a non original hard case. $899

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1991 Fender Custom Shop Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass #010 Bass Centre

1991 Fender Custom Shop Jaco Pastorius Signature Jazz #010

For fusion fans and early Fender Custom Shop aficionados alike...this 1991 Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass is number 10 of what was planned to be a limited run of 100, but likely ran closer to 50 instruments. Collaboration between the Bass... $3499

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1994 modulus fretless five string bass guitar

1994 Modulus Fretless 5 String

Green, graphite neck and fretboard, single EMG pickup, shows light playing wear on top and back, nice weight, very cool and harder to find five string fretless bass, comes with the original hard case. $1750

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1999 Music Man Stingray bass guitar

1999 Musicman Stingray

Black, maple neck and fingerboard, one active humbucking pickup with 3-band EQ, clean, plays great. One of the few bass designs outside of the Fender P and J that has really stood the test of time. Comes with the original hard... $999

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used rick turner rb-5fl fretless bass

2003 Turner Renaissance RB-5FL On Hold

Natural, Cedar top on rosewood back and sides, unbound rosewood fretboard with abalone pearl dot inlays, great sounding transducer pickup, in great shape, also has optional dingus strap extender, shows light playing wear but a great... $1699

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used gretsch broadkaster bass guitar

2003 Gretsch 6119 Broadkaster Bass

Walnut, bound rosewood fretboard with thumbprint inlays, two great sounding Filtertron Bass pickups, three way pickup selector switch, master volume and tone controls, this one has lots of good honest playing wear on the top and... $1350

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used lakland skyline 44-60 bass guitar

2010s Lakland Skyline 44-60

White Blonde on ash body, maple neck with rosewood board, dot inlays, tortoise guard, two single coil pickups, very much in the vein of a Jazz Bass, light weight, plays and sounds great, very clean. Comes with a Lakland hard case. $850

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new lakland skyline 44-02 deluxe bass guitar for sale

New Lakland Skyline 44-02 Deluxe

Two Tone Translucent Burst, quilt maple top on ash body, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, Lakland MM-J pickups, master volume control (pull to bypass preamp), cut and boost: bass mids and treble with panning style pickup blend... $1424

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new hofner 500/2 club bass guitar

New Hofner 500/2 Club Bass

Custom black finish on German spruce top, double bound body, gold hardware, maple back and sides, rosewood fretboard, dual staple top pickups two volume controls, switches for rhythm/solo, bass on, treble on, this is too cool, super... $Call For Price.

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new lakland skyline vintage J 5 string bass

New Lakland Skyline Vintage J 5 String

Black, 35" scale length, unbound rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, two vintage J pickups with five string spacing, mint pickguard, two volume and one tone control, made overseas but completed in Chicago. Sorry no case. $Call For Price.

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new godin a4 ultra bass guitar

New Godin A4 Ultra Bass

Natural, spruce top on maple body, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, single Lace humbucking pickup and under saddle transducer pickups, 13-pin jack, very cool acoustic electric bass perfect for the studio or live. Comes with a... $Call For Price.

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ric rickenbacker 4003 bass walnut minnesota minneapolis st. paul

New Rickenbacker 4003SW

Solidbody electric bass, neck-through construction, maple neck with unbound maple fingerboard, dot inlays, walnut body wings, satin finish, mono wiring, "H-Gain" pickups, a cool departure for Rickenbacker in their venerable... $1899

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rickenbacker 4003S 4003SJG jetglo dots mono maple rose-morris

New Rickenbacker 4003S

Neck-through all-maple (except for the rosewood fingerboard) solidbody electric bass in Jetglo, very vintagey Rose-Morris vibe, no binding, dot inlays, mono wiring but the sturdier and more easily-adjustable dual truss rod system.... $1,899 list

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